Few Mistakes Ago

Some time ago while I was looking around on Instagram, I got a message from a girl, who was talking about her new book and if I could help her showing it off. As I say to everybody that contact me “I will help you as much as I can but I have to read your book first. I don’t like telling lies about books I have never read before”. And so she did send me her book, in the form of e-book. I was dying to try out my new KOBO gift like crazy, so this opportunity was the best one. “Few Mistakes Ago” by Venu Sharma.

I didn’t know about the plot of the book. I just read the summary of the book on the Amazon page. “Zayn’s love story isn’t a tragedy but it does not have a happy ending either. It is an imbalance that occurred on the property of Daly Warren and ended on a tombstone. Amelia knows she’ll hurt Zayn. One thing will lead to another and it’s all downhill from there. But Amelia can’t stop, because sometimes you are not in charge of your own situation.
“I want to cling to you as long as I can. This car is broken but we’ll drive it as fast as we can. Don’t hit the brakes yet, I am waiting for them to fail.” Only reading this makes your heart melt. A love story!

I read the book in only a few days. Even if this is the authors first book, it is only a few times you understand that. But even if you do, the plot is so romantic and sweet you are not getting bothered of it. She is mixing interesting facts and her lead character Amelia is the girl everybody would like to be. Strong, confident and brave. Being brave was the thing I envied most on this girl. Venu has mixed perfectly the music and art in her book. Songs and famous paintings triggered my curiosity and I some times Googled to see if they where real or not. The thing that captivated my heart was the romantic paragraphs, that can easily be used as quotes, as any other love story out there. I couldn’t stop crying and I felt my heart shatter in million pieces while reading the last 100 pages. So damn beautiful and heartbreaking. Well done!

I will give the book “Few Mistakes Ago” by Venu Sharma 4 beautiful stars because I just loved it and it has nothing to envy from the BIG love stories out there. You can order your copy on Amazon in a really good prize.

Until next time… just keep reading!



  1. Venu Sharma 25 June 2018 at 11:12

    So beautifully written. It was amazing to read this. Thank you so much.

  2. Jhanvi Gupta 22 January 2022 at 08:29

    Same here. I loved this book so much that it has a special place in my library.


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