“The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly“

A few months ago, I read a review from my dear friend Maria Shabby Mommy about the book “The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly ” from the author Sun-mi Hwang. She wrote “…Finishing the book, I felt a scuffle on my chest, and I sank, full of emotion, into everything her story had told me….” (read more about Marias amazing review here). She loved it so much, that she send a copy of this beautiful book to me as a gift, to show me that there is always hope!

At first when I started reading the book, it felt a little childish and it made me wonder what was it  about it that made all people talking with great words of it. All of the caracters that where animals but thinking and talking like human beings made me feel that there was something more about this book and that it needed all of my attention.

While reading about the little but strong hen I found myself captured in her struggle to make her dream come true. Her struggle to survive and to make the one thing she wanted most in the world possible made her my new hero. Being different among the same specie and standing up strongly for her beliefs made me shiver of proudness. As a mother to a mother, she made me feel happy that I am not the only one who would do anything for my children, without thinking twice.

This book gives you hope, positivity, optimism and a new way of thinking. After a while reading it, you do not think it is funny to read about animals thinking and talking like human beings, you find common ground with the characters. The feeling is amazing! I am strongly suggesting you to read this book. It gives you messages that you could not even imagine. Thank you Maria for this amazing book! As a mother to a mother it meant the world to me!!!

Until next time…..just keep reading!

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