“The Girl on the Train”

Last Christmas, I took part in the Efzin Creations and Secret Santa’s gift exchange, you can read the post about it here. One of the gifts I received from Athena from Craft Cook Love was the book “The girl on the train” by Paula Hawkins. It was that time when the movie was already advertised with the trailer, so I was excited about the book. I wanted to to read it before anyone could tell me the end. I started reading the book right away.

The heroine is a young girl who lives in her own world. Every morning, she gets the same train, for the same destination, at the same time and sits in the same sit, looking outside of the big window. She takes exactly the same return train, with exactly the same precision, always looking outside the window. She imagines how it would be if she lived with the people she observes in the beautiful houses, a normal life. A life different from hers. But she does not know that fate will offer her the opportunity she was asking for along with a terrible surprise. Her fate retains a unique unforgettable journey..

“The girl on the train”,  is a psychological thriller that keeps you in absolute anxiety and suspense. All are likely guilty and innocent. Although in the beginning you might wander about the authors intentions about the story and you might feel a bit confused. The plot changes sharply and then awakens your curiosity and distress and unfolds the mystery. I can say that this book did not impress me as much as I expected, but it did not go unnoticed. I have not watched the movie and I really do not know if I would like to watch it either . I think it will ruin my image of the book. Have you seen the movie? Did you like it?


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  2. Eleonora Fairfield 16 July 2018 at 05:46

    I couldn’t put this book down! Took only two days for me to read. I just love with all the other books from this author and knew I shouldnt skip this one. Love the author who has a great way of making the reader sympathize with the storyline and a need to know how everything ends up..I am now a fan! I likewise advise to read http://bit.ly/2NTxIoT Lauren Taylor . Thank you so much P.S: I like this website.


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