“Wake up to the joy of you”

I have read several books of self-improvement. Most of the time I felt a “burden” as I read them and thought I made so many things wrong in my life and the way I think and live. One day I read the new books release of the Dioptra Publications and I saw a book with a very special cover and a very positive / happy title. In Greek it was called “Good morning Joy / Καλημέρα Χαρά” (but the title in English is “Wake up to the joy of you” ) and instantly a smile was formed on my face! Just like that! It had to be mine!

When it finally came to my hands, my joy was enormous (as with any other book of course). I flipped its pages to get a first idea and I was surprised. The title says, of course, “52 meditations and practices for a calmer, happier life” but I did not believe it. I thought it would be like every other self-improvement book that tells you what to do to change things in your life, as if it is so easy to just do it. It is not easy of course because life is complicated and all the problems sometimes feel like a 1000 pieces puzzle hard to solve. If it was so easy to change our way of thinking we would have done it ages ago. I could not believe it. I read and read and kept reading and I felt calm. I felt that there is hope and it can be possible. I just have to train my mind, as any other muscle on my body, to think differently. I could finally breathe. As I am also a lover of  Yoga and meditation (as much as my everyday life allows), I simply jumped joyfully from my enthusiasm. She showed me the way!

“52 Meditations and Practices for a calmer, happier Life”. Do you know what this means; 52 ways to train your mind to see situations and problems from another angle. It helps you find your inner peace in such way, that you do not feel weak but very strong. Strong because you face your anxiety and stress with calm and good thoughts. The examples given to you by the writer Agapi Stassinopoulos are taken out of her own life and people with whom she is socializing. They are not speculations and assumptions. Whatever chapter you refer to, you will definitely find a point in her words you can associate with. It is one of those books that you close when it is finished, place it on your bedside table, you feel lighthearted and with more knowledgeable about yourself. From this amazing book I kept the following

Good morning, this is my precious life and today’s day will be great

Until next time…. just keep reading!

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