A little bit about me…

Well, let’s do this! My name is Athanasia and I love books. My friends call me The Book Fairy because I read incessantly, hence the title of the blog. I like to buy books, make collections, take care of them and protect them. The books are like my children. I just love them and this is the love I want to share with you in this blog. I enjoy traveling to countries that do not exist, to get to know people who have never really been born and to live in every moment as if it is real with all my senses! Do you understand what I mean?

The Book Fairy has a lot of new and old book suggestions to make with my humble view (I am not a book critic), both adult and children. I am lucky to speak very well 3 languages, so you will find Greek, English and Swedish books among the articles that I will post. You will find texts and ideas that have to do with books in general and the bookish things and small details we need while reading. And a lot of tips for us parents-bookworms and how to train a little baby bookworm. Baby bookworms are our future and we ought to protect it!

In this blog you will have the opportunity to read my own texts, sometimes humorously and sometimes profound but the most important of all is that they are written from my heart. Have a little patience and you will see many beauties on this blog! I promise…

I’d love you to be an active part of The Book Fairy. You can comment and suggest ideas and books, but always ALWAYS with kindness and good mood. I said I’m Book Fairy but I can also be a Book Monster if I must. We are all different and all views are welcome and there is no reason for anything else. You’re here because we love the same thing, BOOKS!

You can see more photos and ideas of me on Instagram (here) for a more frequently update and my beautiful pictures. Photography is my second passion and I am really happy to combine them. Plus you will find many many of my funny Instastories that you should’t miss.

I hope you are wearing comfortable clothes (choose pj’s), have a warm cup of coffee or tea, some peace and quiet and enjoy The Book Fairy with your heart and soul. So let the reading begin…

Until next time … Smile cause it makes you beautiful!

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